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Ape Calessino

theApe Calessinois a special, one-of-a-kind vehicle with exceptional details that make it a world-renowned icon. Thatinimitable designis perfectly in line with the modern neo-vintage trend and is just one of the reasons why theApe Calessinomore than 70 years after its "hour of birth" continues to surprise and arouse emotions. Not only when driving, but also in the eyes of the beholder.Thanks to the compact dimensions, the excellent manoeuvrabilityand the exclusive, spacious and comfortable individual seats, the vehicle is in high demand for professional passenger transport in the tourist environment.

Iconic but always modern, the Ape Calessino is made for high-quality sightseeing: it owes its success to its ability to transport the journey in aunique and unforgettable experienceto transform.


Discovering a city's landscapes, traditions and folklore has never been more fun. A vehicle that knows how to attract attention with its elegant and at the same time romantic style. 

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