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Tours with the event mobile

Frankfurt can be explored in many ways, but none is more Italian than with an Ape Calessino. Cult, but always modern, the Ape is made for high quality sightseeing and one thing we can promise you already now: the sight of the tour, will be you yourself!

Also for weddings or events the Ape is booked with pleasure, because it knows how to attract attention by its elegant and at the same time romantic style. 

The Ape Calessino will enchant your guests.

Our tours with the Ape

Frankfurt Osthafen

Your unique sightseeing tour with your own guide/driver - in an Ape Calessino in the retro design of the 1960s with a convertible feeling. 

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Rent our Ape Calessino for your trip to the church or to the registry office. Trust one of our experienced drivers on the most beautiful day of your life.

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Äpfel in einer Kiste

This Ape Tour is all about the apple. When you think of Frankfurt, apple wine comes to mind, also known as "Äppelwein, Äppelwoi" or "Äppler" for short. 

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Classic Camera

Ape Calessino - the Italian cult mobile in retro style. With the unmistakable design style of the sixties, the Ape Calessino brings back the unforgettable charm of the "Dolce Vita"

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Image by Ira Mint

Ape tour

We first “cruise” along the banks of the Main with a stopover at the Eiserner Steg, where lovers can immortalize themselves with a love lock on the railing.

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Sonnenuntergang in Frankfurt


Give time to drive with the Ape through Frankfurt.

Give time to live, love and laugh.

History - The Ape

The Ape Calessino is a special, unique vehicle with extraordinary details that make it an icon known worldwide.

The inimitable design is perfectly in line with the modern neo-vintage trendand is just one of the reasons why, more than 70 years after its "birth", the Ape Calessino continues to surprise and cause emotions. Not only when riding, but also in the eyes of the beholder. Thanks to its compact dimensions, excellent maneuverability and exclusive, spacious and comfortable individual seats, the vehicle is highly sought after for professional passenger transport in the tourist environment.

Cult, but always modern, the Ape Calessino is made for high quality sightseeing: its success is due to its ability to transform the ride into a unique and unforgettable experience.

Discovering landscapes, traditions and folklore of a city has never been more entertaining. A vehicle that knows how to attract attention with its elegant and at the same time romantic style. 

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​ 60385 FRANKFURT | FON: (+49) 0163 – 517 28 47

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